Classic Naples-Style Pizza And Other Italian Fare

The restaurant menu takes a decidedly Southern Italian direction, starting with Naples-style pizza dough made with fresh yeast for flavour and a shorter texture. The pizza is then cooked in a custom-built 2.1m-high wooden kiln at 496 degrees Celsius.

The intense heat causes the dough to rise beautifully to produce a pizza crust that is crisp at the base, yet light and airy on the inside. The Australian Almond and Jarrah tree woods used to fire the kiln also give the pizza a more intense and smoky flavour.

The pedigreed chefs and custom-built kiln are just two highlights that Trattoria Pizzeria LOGIC brings to the sophisticated and often well-travelled Singaporeans’ palate. The specially-designed menu also brings the traditional tastes of the Sorrento Peninsula and the Amalfi Coast to Singapore.

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There is also an extensive global variety of wines specially curated to match the authentic Italian dishes. To cater to the working crowd in the area, the restaurant also serves lunch sets, consisting a salad, a choice of pasta or pizza, and coffee or tea at $18++.